Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Heart's Desire

Thought I would try my hand at blogging. It is my desire to use my blog as my meditations and prayers to my Lord and the Lover of my soul. It is my desire to draw close to Him and to please Him. To make the most of the rest of my life. I have known the Lord for many years now but I have not grown very much. I have gotten myself in and out of trouble all my life. Now I have a grown daughter who loves the Lord and desires to please Him and she has four beautiful children she is Home Schooling. My daughter has made me so proud and I know she is a miracle of God because I was such a mess most of her life. Depression and unhealthy friendships could have really ruined her. But she survived! Now she is a strong, independent young woman who can think and decide for herself. So opposite from myself. She and I are friends which is also something I can't say for my mom and I. So God has truly blessed me. Now it is my heart's desire to see the four Grandchildren grow up to love the Lord Jesus and I am dedicating my life to that end today. May God once again be gracious and show me favor.

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