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Rosh Hashanah---Year of Creation 5772 by Bodie Thoene


Rosh Hashanah—Year of Creation 5772

by Bodie Thoene

Folks close to Brock know he is a very accomplished musician. He plays French horn, one of the most difficult brass instruments to play well. Brock was offered 8 different college music scholarships.

Imagine the surprise of the Israeli tour guide when Brock picked up a rams horn in a Jerusalem souk and played “DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE” and then the first notes of Amazing Grace without valves or keys! When Brock was somewhere else, I bought him that very shofar and had it shipped home. I gave it to him for his birthday. It has become one of Brock’s great treasures. He learned the meanings of the Jewish notes and always plays the shofar for great celebrations, just as he will during these Jewish High Holy Days.

The ram’s horn, or shofar, is the Biblical trumpet which announced God’s amazing grace to the children of Israel. This was a familiar and joyful sound for Jesus from his infancy and childhood. One day we will hear the sound of the heavenly ram’s horn announce the second coming of the Lord.

“(And Jesus said of Himself as the Son of Man) He will send forth His angels with the sound of a mighty trumpet blast, and they will gather together His chosen ones from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven.” Matthew 24:31

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight, Wednesday, September 28, at sunset. It launches the New Year in the Jewish civil calendar.

In Jewish thought it is the anniversary of the Creation of Man.

It is a Day of Judgment, when the names of the righteous are inscribed in the Book of Life

It is the beginning of the Ten Days of Awe, a time for repentance, which culminates with the Day of Atonement. The day of great amazing grace and forgiveness of sin.

It is the Feast of Trumpets when the shofar is sounded.

It is a day for eating apples dipped in honey, offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the sweetness of God’s blessing and for forgiveness and new beginning for our lives.

L’Shanah tovah tikatev v’etehetem

May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

For the leader; “upon the gittith.” Of Asaph.


Sing joyfully to God our strength

Raise loud shouts to the God of Jacob!

Take up a melody, sound the timbrel,

the pleasant lyre with a harp.

Blow the shofar at the new moon,

at the full moon, on our solemn feast. For this is a law for Israel,

an edict of the God of Jacob, He made it a decree for Joseph

when he came out of the land of Egypt….

“Israel I will feed with the finest wheat,

I will satisfy them with honey from the rock.”

Listen to the sound of the shofar! You are hearing what Abraham and Jacob and Joseph and Moses and Joshua…AND JESUS heard. Remember you are hearing the call of the Lord…He is calling you to His embrace; to the sweetness of His amazing grace.

Baruch atem b'Shem Yeshua

Blessings in Jesus' Name!


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