Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lord, Are You An Emotional Being?

Lord, I've been thinking. Do you get mad and if you do who do you get mad at? Mad and angry are emotions Lord and if you are immutable how can you have emotions? Do you have emotions? I don't understand. Please explain to me how you can be unchangeable and yet emotional? Man has emotion, I know it is not part of the sin nature so it must be part of the nature you gave us and you made us in your image right? So doesn't that have to mean you are emotional? That given...then you do get mad. Who do you get mad at? Are you mad at those who are treating me badly? I know you love them. You love all people. I have been told by those who love you and walk with you that you are not mad at me. How do they know? Lord, please help me to understand.
Your Princess who wants to know you better.

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